On yersel big man

This is the first of our collaborations with other artists. It was an off the cuff jam with our long time friend Dave Philp. Dave is a phenomenal guitarist and a true natural. He was a member of Cannon, Uncle John and Whitelock, and currently is a member of Adopted as Holograph.

There was no plan or structure and it really was just a jam session. The basic track was a work in progress, which is probably really noticeable at the start of the tune. Some of the elements are really strong though. The acid line is probably one of the best we have written and the hat patterns come into their own later on in the track. Gav and myself brought in the various parts and loops, building up the track and Dave just did his thing. It built and built. We were all picking up cues from each other in a really organic way. Nothing much was said, just a few nods and winks to signal changes but I think we knew where each other was taking it intuitively.

As I said, the start can sound a little stilted due to the unfinished nature of some of the parts. Listen past this and you will get to hear a genuine artist create something special on the fly. Later collaborations with Dave had a bit more structure to them but for this one it was just a case of us saying...
"Goan yersel big man"