Just a short note to say thank you very much to the guys at electronicperiodic.com for including us in not one, but two of their most excellent podcasts.
Here is a little about them:

electronic periodic is for electronic music fans around the world. our aim is to produce free, quality podcasts compiled from electronic compositions in various styles including ambient, IDM, electro, trance and experimental.
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It has been a bit quiet round these parts. Busy times.

A whole year since the last shuffle of the back catalogue. Some changes. Here is an update.

We have dropped the solo projects. It didn't feel right. They are all fenducci and deserve the label. So if you have one of our tracks with an "m" or a "g" in front of fenducci then delete that letter and give the track its true identity.

The back catalogue can also be found at last.fm. The format for content upload on this site necessitates the creation of albums (whatever they are). Seeing as we were creating albums for this purpose, we thought, for the sake of continuity, that we ought to do likewise in the catalogue. You can also find some of our stuff on ilike.com. Both of these sites have applications in your favourite social networking website.

So there you have it. Why not go check out our latest uh... "album".

Dead Fly Dance.

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This was written on the train on the way up to Inverness.

Really it was just for something to do to pass the journey, but it turned into something worth sharing. It is culled from fragments from my hard drive, and other tracks you might have already heard; but mainly fragments. As I continue to tidy up my catalogue of Fenducci tracks I may well find that these so far unknown tunes were developed as separate entities, but I may have left them for another time.

So it is they resurface in this mix. I knew it was done when the coffee arrived.

Here Comes The Coffee

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Rhode test is an old composition. It is difficult to remember where the ideas and inspiration came from. I do know it is from the same period as Road-detest. It may have even come from the same original idea. Who knows?

It was a very basic track, just a sketch, when I returned to it recently. It had developed somewhat since then, and I wanted to hear it on a few different stereo systems before release. So it was exported, made into an mp3 and listened to in various places. I had every intention of going back and tweaking. That never happened. By making the track a coherent entity, I had breathed life into it, I had set it free.

Rhode test


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So, there are tunes that get left behind. There are also compositions that evolve. Gas boot was another piece of work that was difficult to find a way into after being left for so long. This time, though, it gave birth to a new track.

In the process of writing a tune its possible to find a new groove while working on a small section. The groove hooks you, then gets added to until, all of a sudden, there is a new track being developed. The original track is left behind and the new tune grips you until it is finished. Miniseries is the culmination of this evolutionary process.

Gas boot

Another example of this process in action can be observed in the the tracks Lovely and Lovlier from the archives.

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It's getting warmer, the buds are on the trees. Time for a tidy up.

The folders at gestalt radio were a bit confusing. They have been re-organised and renamed in a more user friendly way. Here's some explanation.

Each folder represents a master Minidisc or CD. Back in the day we recorded live midi mixes straight to the media, filling it up then starting a new one.

The years on the folders are the approximate start date of the disc. Given that it could take a few months to fill a disc some will cross over to the following year.

The folder name refers to a track within the folder which we think is one of note (or we might just like the title).

Live stuff is the same as before.

In the age of hard disc recording there are no longer master discs to speak of so the mfenducci and gfenducci folders (being our solo projects) will continue to be added to as new tracks are finished. There will be a fenducci folder soon as we have some new collaborative work to release.

Stay tuned.

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Its been a while since the last post, so its time to rectify this. Whilst going through the process of getting our entire back catalogue online we came to this tune. It was written about our late friend, Scott, who we lost an ever-increasing number of years ago. Ain't gonna dwell too much on the why's and wherefore's in public-suffice to say I'd reckon he'd like it.

The Boy With Rocks In His Head

By the way, the guy in the background is another Fenducci friend, Andy Peat. He's got a lot less hair these days.

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Sometimes projects get left behind. There may be a flurry of new creative activity and the project is slowly forgotten. It slips down the recent items list until it eventually drops off the bottom. Not until all the new projects are done and dusted do these forgotten tunes get some attention. The problem is that things have moved on. It is a project from another time. Some of the energy is missing and can't be gotten back.

This is one of those tunes.

Poly acht hundert

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Ok all, here's a new one. This was heard first during the last Fenducci live set around the festive season 06, albeit in prototype form. Its finished now, its on the podcast, and you can download it here. Its another one featuring our friend and sometime guitar collaborator, Mr David Philp. Its called Uncle Copa and Dave



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Fenducci return from a fantastic holiday in the mountains to find a great many new visitors to the site all thanks to The ill-ec-tro-nic the place for "....any electronic based music, and occasionally some thats not."

The blog belongs to The Langer who has been publishing his views, news, reviews and memories from the world of electronic music to an ever increasing audience for quite some time now. Not only does the site send you down memory lane or point you to new pastures but it reunites friends. An old friend of Fenducci got in touch after seeing the entry.

So a double thanks to The ill-ec-tro-nic.

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